Company Information

URL: envorinex.com

Year Founded: 2008

Location: George Town, TAS

Zip Code: 7253

Full-Time Employees: 1-10

Type of Company: Private

Category: Mining/Manufacturing

Sources of Revenue: Not Available

Areas of social impact: Environment and climate change

Approximate number of sources of government open data: Not Available


Envorinex™ is a plastics extrusion and injection moulding company using virgin and recycled materials for the production of innovative components and products 95% of which leave Tasmania with 40% exported. Envorinex™ was the first Australian manufacturer to initiate an end of product life take-back program and is a leader in collecting and converting intra and interstate recyclate into new life problem solving products. Envorinex™ uses open data resources as a basis for new product R&D coupled with potential sales generation avenues.

Agency and Data Information

None Available

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