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Company Information


Year Founded: 1987

Location: PERTH, WA

Zip Code: 6154

Full-Time Employees: 1-10

Type of Company: Private

Category: Geospatial/Mapping

Sources of Revenue: Consulting

Areas of social impact: Environment and climate change, Public safety

Approximate number of sources of government open data: 1-10 Agencies/Local Governments/Organizations


SURVEY GRAPHICS is primarily a mapping (aerial survey) organisation working with remotely sensed data (aerial & terrestrial imagery, LiDAR, radar, satellite & multi-spectral data) on a day-to-day basis. In particular our extensive experience includes mapping detailed sites such as complete TOWNSITES, extensive IRRIGATED AREAS, a complete ISLAND NATION, expansive OIL EXPLORATION BLOCKS, extensive operational MINE & LANDFILL SITES, as well as EXTENSIVE ROAD CORRIDORS, Commercial Forests, shopping centres and commercial precincts, colleges and surrounding grounds, parks & gardens & excavation/quarry sites. In most cases the completed data supplied by SURVEY GRAPHICS is required as the basis of a spatial information system (SIS or GIS) and is generally accompanied by seamless ORTHOPHOTO MOSAICS in digital formats as a pictorial backdrop to the vector data layers. We believe that the services we offer are good value for the quality product that we supply. We also believe that our costs do become more competitive as we develop further in-house techniques to improve production and quality.

Agency and Data Information

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