Company Information


Year Founded: 2010

Location: Dongjak-gu, Seoul

Zip Code: 07015

Full-Time Employees: 11 - 50

Type of Company: Non-profit

Target Markets: Not Available

Category: Education

Sources of Revenue: Consulting, Contributions/Donations, Data analysis for clients, Database licensing, Government contract, Philanthropic grant

Areas of social impact: Citizen engagement and participation, Educational opportunity, Public safety

Approximate number of sources of government open data: Not Available


The Korea Internet Professional Association (KIPFA) is a non-profit corporation that consists of more than 600 Internet-related companies and more than 35000 Internet experts at the Internet-related companies. The KIPFA intends to contribute to the promotion of corporate business using open data and the ensuing establishment of a desirable Internet ecosystem. We have recently supported competitions and events using traffic data together with the Korea Expressway Corporation. This shows that if more public data are opened and used, it has a huge effect on corporate business as well as public benefits. Therefore, we are going to let companies know the diverse uses of open data.

Agency and Data Information

None Available

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