Company Information


Year Founded: 2005

Location: Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Zip Code: 03739

Full-Time Employees: Not Available

Type of Company: Private

Target Markets: Not Available

Category: Data/Technology

Sources of Revenue: Consulting, Solutions business

Areas of social impact: Financial access

Approximate number of sources of government open data: Not Available


OPENMATE, Inc. specializes in the GIS to map the flow of men and money. The core of management is to grasp the invisible flow of men and money. The geographical information system (GIS) analyzes thousands kinds of geographical information gathered from artificial satellites and the earth and provides "maps and compasses" for corporate management. Where are your customers? By what are your customers characterized from region to region? We have developed special solutions to find answers for the both questions. We support strategy establishment and decision-making optimized to location, business area, background market, competitive composition and customer characteristics.

Agency and Data Information

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