Company Information


Year Founded: 2000

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Zip Code: 19107

Full-Time Employees: 11-50

Type of Company: Private

Target Markets: Business to Business, Business to Government

Category: Geospatial/Mapping

Sources of Revenue: Data analysis for clients, Database licensing, Subscriptions, Software Development Services, Open Source Software

Areas of social impact: Not Available

Approximate number of sources of government open data: 101+ Agencies/Local Governments/Organizations


Azavea is a certified B Corporation whose mission is to apply geospatial technology for positive civic and social impact while advancing the state-of-the-art through research.

Azavea was the original developer of the community site and has released the source code as Open-Data-Catalog. Azavea is also the Open Data Institute (ODI) regional node for Philadelphia and operates the national Summer of Maps program that matches students with non-profit organizations with geospatial data challenges. Our work combines user interface (UI) design and cloud computing to create web applications that can process big geospatial data sets very rapidly. We also share much of our work by releasing it under open source licenses so that others can re-use it. These projects include OpenTreeMap, DistrictBuilder, GeoTrellis, and among others.

In addition to using open geospatial datasets from a variety of federal and local sources, Azavea is dedicated to making that data available to others through creative new applications. Azavea's vision is a world in which geospatial analysis is part of a broad foundation upon which government, private, and nonprofit organizations operate for the common good by exchanging information, enhancing knowledge, and fostering collaboration.

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