Enervee Corporation

Company Information

URL: http://enervee.com/business

Year Founded: 2010

Location: Venice, CA

Zip Code: 90401

Full-Time Employees: 11-50

Type of Company: Private

Target Markets: Business to Business

Category: Energy

Sources of Revenue: Advertising, Data analysis for clients, Database licensing, Lead generation to other businesses, Software licensing

Areas of social impact: Environment and climate change, Energy

Approximate number of sources of government open data: 1-10 Agencies/Local Governments/Organizations


EnerveeĀ® is the world's first energy-smart data and commerce platform. The Enervee Score rates the energy efficiency of consumer electronics and home appliances from 0 to 100 (best). It's a real time comparison of how a product ranks compared to all others on the market as of today. Enervee provides personal recommendations for purchasing a product based on energy efficiency, TrueCost (purchase price + energy cost), and popularity (reviews + sales volume). These recommendations are distributed via energy-smart shopping channels available on the Enervee website and through online publisher and utility partner websites. Enervee also provides consumers with an EcoView highlighting the impact of a product's CO2 emissions on society and the environment. Enervee's data is used by governments and electric utilities to track market trends and incentivize consumers to purchase more efficient appliances. Through analyzing product availability based on location, Enervee can provide a list of utility energy efficiency rebates that are redeemable for each product. The Enervee mission is to help consumers, businesses, and governments save energy and help the environment by purchasing the most energy efficient products.

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