Junar, Inc.

Company Information

URL: www.Junar.com

Year Founded: 2010

Location: McKinney, TX

Zip Code: 75070

Full-Time Employees: 1-10

Type of Company: Private

Target Markets: Business to Business, Business to Government, academia

Category: Data/Technology

Sources of Revenue: Software licensing

Areas of social impact: Not Available

Approximate number of sources of government open data: 101+ Agencies/Local Governments/Organizations


Junar is a leading supplier of cloud-based software that streamlines the process for data-rich organizations to publish Open Data in the fastest and most cost effective manner. Once published, our platform enables data consumers to easily view, download, analyze and share the data. We enable clients in both the public and private sectors to achieve their strategic data sharing initiatives and fuel innovative, third-party applications.

Agency and Data Information

  • Multiple city and local data sources

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