Palantir Technologies

Company Information


Year Founded: 2004

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Zip Code: 94301

Full-Time Employees: 501-1,000

Type of Company: Private

Target Markets: Business to Business

Category: Data/Technology

Sources of Revenue: Not Available

Areas of social impact: Not Available

Approximate number of sources of government open data: 101+ Agencies/Local Governments/Organizations


Palantir Technologies builds software platforms that help human experts perform powerful, collaborative analysis of data at scale. Palantir’s software is deployed at public institutions, private enterprises, and in the non-profit sector to address the challenges of responsibly making sense of complex, diverse data.

We currently offer a suite of software applications for integrating, visualizing and analyzing the world's information. We support many kinds of data including structured, unstructured, relational, temporal and geospatial. Palantir's solutions are backed by our data fusion platforms: Palantir Gotham and Palantir Metropolis.

Our products are built for real analysis with a focus on security, scalability, ease of use and collaboration. They are broadly deployed in the intelligence, defense, law enforcement and financial communities, and are spreading rapidly by word of mouth into applications in other industries and realms of impact.

Palantir is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with offices around the world.

Agency and Data Information

  • Multiple federal data sources

    • Uses datasets from

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