Company Information


Year Founded: 2011

Location: CA

Zip Code: 94087

Full-Time Employees: 1-10

Type of Company: Private

Target Markets: Business to Consumer

Category: Energy

Sources of Revenue: Advertising, Data analysis for clients, Database licensing, Software licensing

Areas of social impact: Not Available

Approximate number of sources of government open data: 1-10 Agencies/Local Governments/Organizations

Description:'s first application, the PEV calculator, enables prospective electric vehicle owners to estimate their total electricity bill when adding a home electric vehicle charger to their existing home electricity needs. The calculator compares multiple rate plans offered by a user’s local utility company to determine the most cost effective plan based on the user’s existing driving needs as well as his or her past home electricity usage using Green Button data. In addition, the app calculates the annual cost savings of replacing an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, or gas powered car, with a plug-in electric car.

Agency and Data Information

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