Sage Bionetworks

Company Information


Year Founded: 2009

Location: Seattle, WA

Zip Code: 98109

Full-Time Employees: 11-50

Type of Company: Nonprofit

Target Markets: Business to Business, academia

Category: Scientific Research

Sources of Revenue: Storage, provenance, version control, and collaboration on open biological data.

Areas of social impact: Not Available

Approximate number of sources of government open data: 11-50 Agencies/Local Governments/Organizations


At Sage Bionetworks, we work to redefine how complex open biological data is gathered, shared and used. Our work includes the building of platforms and services and undertaking research developing predictors relating to health. Arising in 2009 from a donation by Rosetta Inpharmatics (Merck Inc), we are a non-profit research organization based in Seattle, US and collaborate with a worldwide network.

We create technology platforms that facilitate collaboration on data, governance platforms that enable data sharing and reuse, run challenges to solve complex biomedical problems, perform our own cutting-edge computational biology and research, and run large-scale clinical observational studies of health.

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